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Prayers for the Sick & Deceased

We keep in mind all our sick friends from our parish in need of our prayers, especially: Zach Sieger, Mary Hill, Maryanne Tillger, Nancy Towhey, Frank & Nora McIntire, Roselyn Osorio Espinosa, Madeline Fie, Lucille & Ed Sliwa, Baby Dean, Ruth & Edward Gibbons, Father Fidelis, Joan Browse, Joseph Kozakeicz, Sr. Mary Agnes IHM, Gloria Coverdale, John Phillips, William Wagner, Dorothy Borek, Sr. Pat Kelly, Pam Richens, Margaret Deliman, Ron Cook, Joseph Lance Rossi, Larry Boersig, Reverend Paul Stenson, Robert Pester, Deborah Lackman, Diana Greisser, Father Victor Warkulwiz, Eleanor Liney, Catherine Hartzel, Donna Toland, John Tyciak III, Frances Petruzzelli, John Caruso, Susan Maar, Kathleen Crosson, Gus Boback, Sandy Vanderstine, Toni Kovolisky.

We also pray that those who have died will dwell forever in the Kingdom of heaven, especially: Jeffrey Konyves.

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