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Prayers for the Sock & Deceased

We ask that you keep in mind all our sick friends from our parish in need of our prayers, especially: Zach Sieger, Maryanne Tillger, Nancy Towhey, Frank & Nora McIntire, Roselyn Osorio Espinosa, Ed Sliwa, Baby Dean, Ruth & Edward Gibbons, Father Fidelis, Joseph Lance Rossi, Larry Boersig, Reverend Paul Stenson, Father Victor Warkulwiz, Catherine Hartzel, Frances Petruzzelli, Toni Kovolisky, Anna Marino, Brian Moehler, Mary Sherwood, C. Trescott, Betty Weiland, Renee Booker, Mary Whitlock, Margaret Gillin, Dorothy Otto, Chris Contino, Carole Follin, Rose Duckworth, Eleanor Liney, Ted Etling, Joanne Clarkson, Miss Lee, Dennis Connelly, Clarence Brown, Eleanor Stretz.

We also pray that those who have died will dwell forever in the Kingdom of heaven.

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