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Dear Friends in Christ,

Crucial to the work of ongoing renewal within the parish is the role of the Parish Pastoral Council.  The Pastoral Council at St. Charles has been a tremendous support to me in my first year as pastor.  The Pastoral Council’s charge is to bring the views and concerns of the laity to the Pastor and to foster the collaborative responsibility and participation of the lay faithful in the mission of the Church on the parish level.  The Council’s advice and guidance have been indispensable as we have sought to navigate together the changing landscape of parish realities over the past year.  It has been several years since St. Charles has had elections for new Pastoral Council members.  I am asking for nominations for new members to the Pastoral Council.  The Pastoral Council meets at least six times a year and elected members serve a three-year term with the possibility of serving a second term.  The guiding document, “Rationale, Principles, and Guidelines for Parish Pastoral Councils,” available in both English and Spanish, can be downloaded from this link:   Nominations should be made to me or to the Vice-Chair of the Council, Araceli Cruz, at or 267-784-6782, by September 15, 2019.  No one will be put on the election ballot unless he or she personally accepts the nomination.  Nominees will be profiled in the bulletin and on the website on September 22.  Elections will take place on September 29 and October 6.  An active Pastoral Council brings vibrancy and vitality to the life of the parish with its goal of fostering full participation of the entire parish in the life and mission of the Church.  Please pray for me, the members of our Pastoral Council, and that the Holy Spirit guides and inspires members of our community to serve our mission as we worship the Lord, create and nurture Christian Community, grow in faith and holiness, and serve those most in need.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Forlano


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