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Funeral Preparation: Music


Music is also integral to the funeral rites.  An organist and cantor assist the assembly’s full participation in singing the songs, responses, and acclamations of the funeral liturgy.  Suggestions for music for the Mass are available here.  Please contact Sonya Novak who coordinates the music ministry for funerals with your selections as soon as possible.  Sonya can be reached at 267-577-7475 or  If you are not familiar with the music for funerals, Sonya can assist you in making appropriate selections or you may leave the music to her discretion.  Other hymns not on the suggested list may be used as long as they are from our Catholic tradition and known by our musicians.  Please consult with Sonya regarding any questions about music or if there is a request for a guest soloist, cantor, or instrumentalist.  All fees for the musicians, cantors, and choir are handled through the funeral director.

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