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Prayer & Mass Offerings

Mass Intentions and prayer offerings for both St. Charles Borromeo and Our Lady of Fatima may be arranged by contacting the Parish Office: 215-638-3625.

The Sanctuary Lamps, Altar Candles, and candles at the St. Joseph’s Sanctuary burn in the Church as a reminder of Jesus’ Real Presence in the tabernacle and as a sign of our continued prayers.

Prayers for the Sick and the Deceased

We ask that you keep in mind all our sick friends from our parish in need of our prayers, especially Gloria Coverdale and Toni Kovolisky.

We also pray that those who have died will dwell forever in the Kingdom of heaven, especially Caroline A. Anastasia and Rosie Parmigiani.

Please Note: We will keep the names of the sick in the church bulletin for 4 weeks.  To add a name to the sick list, please call the Parish Office (215-638-3625) or email Isabel Jaramillo (

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